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A Multi Disciplinary Firm specializing in Small and Medium Global Enterprises with a focus on Business Consulting and Transaction Services, including Governance, Risk and Compliance, Financial, People Advisory and Promoter Management

“The explicit, clear and stated purpose of the “Advisory Channels” is to

build a powerful suite of “Client Based Transformational Solutions including 

Global Market Solutions, Promoters Solutions, Corporate Governance Model, Investor/Entrepreneur Immigration to USA and Canada, Training Solutions, Governance, Risk, Compliance Management Solutions, Training etc. for Clients” (National/International) by combining the “Financial/Promoter Knowledge Strength” of Advisory Channels and “Audit/Tax/GRC, Governance/Risk/Compliance Advisory/Legal/Secretarial” of DAA".

Walk the Extra Mile

Stretch - HBR states that, "People will go the extra mile only if they feel they have ownership. Ownership & Belonging in a way that is best defined by the one who feels it, not by those who are articulating or expecting it. It’s much the same in the workplace. Employees who take ownership of their work — and who feel that what they are doing matters — are far more likely than others to feel engaged on the job".

Curtis (Hank) Barnette, Director, MetLife, Inc.

Having diverse experiences of board members is crucial and a fundamental advancement of the last few years. Not only board discussions are now enriched by a variety of expertise but also there is more efficiency and effectiveness.”

Globalization Strategies, Partner Search for Growth, Global Market Entry – US, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Business Process Services in this solution facilitates the delegation of your day on day services to a process factory, ours, that which can cost effectively deliver services in Payroll, Financial and Accounting, Human Resources and Tax in addition those listed as Global Market Entry support.

In Bound and Out Bound Advisory includes significant compliance, legal and, TAX advisory delivered through DAA.

What Are Leadership “Reactions to Critical Incidents and Org Crises that impact collaboration”? What are the Culture-Embedding Mechanisms in the context of leadership disrupted? Is there an IDEAL Org and Management Model? How Do Leaders Impact Organizational Cultures, structures, designs, roles in a way that works for org effectiveness? What Technologies, Social Practices, Systems and Procedures do leaders depend upon to influence cultures and org  models? 

Best of Advisory includes only Implementation. 

STOP! And we will change that. Our firm focuses on both implementation and outcomes. Our fee structure reflects our ability to structure contingency fees based on results and outcomes. 

Our methods include usage of scorecards, dashboards, people engagement, on line surveys, 360 degree feedback, influencers panels, social media tracking and performance metrics, 

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