SalesForce Effectiveness - A Recruiter Trainer Magic - By Jim Sanders

SalesForce Effectiveness - A Recruiter Trainer Magic - By Jim Sanders

SKU: ISBN 978-1-365-83255-0

Truly a Recruiter - Trainer Magic Wand! - Organizations seldom succeed without an actively engaged, energized, high performing Sales Force. Best of Sales Forces have a unique DNA - the magic of demonstrating an ability - willingness to perform consistently at an extra ordinarily high level of outcome orientation through the year - running strong through several years. Great sales teams are unique. They are a rare breed! and Possess behaviors that echo’s achievement, attainment, accomplishment, pride, belonging, drive to succeed, fear of failure and the will to make things happen. Sales Professionals (Pro's) make a basic difference to organizational culture. They usher in passion, commitment, effort, energy, enthusiasm and effectiveness of organizations work hard to attract, retain, develop and nurture a vibrant sale force. A book with 50 activities, psychometric tests customized for sales force is a ready reckoner for any Recruiter or a Trainer.


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