Gamification - Competency Assessments Life Sciences - By Ganesh Shermon

Gamification - Competency Assessments Life Sciences - By Ganesh Shermon

SKU: ISBN 978-1-387-22683-2

Gamification in Talent Assessments and Competency Management is an engaging mechanic to include games, events, episodes, drama, simulations, experiences, creativity, technology, learning styles, goal orientation, reward desires, human needs, social interactions, senses to high potential talent, employers, experts, analysts and assessors to collaboratively build talent scenarios for a a leadership pipeline. A game designing process of evolution and feedback that is inclusive, behaviorally energizing, fun and learning oriented. It offers players to build upon existing tech platforms and Talent Management - HRIS systems to actively integrate evaluation behaviors to analytics, intelligence, social collaboration, automation to leadership competency and performance based team working. Gamification strives to build upon people's desire to express, seek identity, contribute, reach out to and offer rewards in an innovative way.


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