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Happy People By Advisory Channels

All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Organizations move vertically from strategy, to structure and process. In the knowledge generation role, content has a distinctive role to play in making corporations effective. In fact content and process to a considerable extent go logically together. One at the cost of another has long since been way laid. Nevertheless, for corporations into intense knowledge management roles content tends to be an important area, no doubt. At another conceptual plane one could debate on structure and content preceding strategy given that people who contribute through their intellect have done so without either the strategy or the structure in mind. They have simply made a difference through their thought process. Innovative organizations do not have tight rope structures with clearly defined boundaries of roles and responsibilities.

Changing HR

"“Technology and processes will continue to adapt to the Millennials,"

Josh Bersin - Bersin By Deloitte

“By now it’s no secret that the younger generation has its own way of doing things. Millennial employees and managers are extremely tech-savvy. They spend a lot of time online and on mo-bile devices. They expect to interact with technology and be engaged by it. They adapt quickly to changing business conditions and are good at thinking outside the box. .”

Josh Bersin

Case Studies


Engineering, Construction and Services

Project Planning and Change Management activities to engage leadership to align with vision, mission, purpose and goals. Identify gaps between form and substance in managerial decision making processes. Need for a development of a competency development and HR functional benchmarks.

KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Global Market Entry Strategies by identifying global partners for learning systems,  collaboration, people systems and platforms.

All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Building a Culture for Cost Effective Management of Business Organizations, forms the core purpose of this solution. Costs also form the fundamental constraint in any profit maximization program. Performance and Rewards will be more heavily focused on competency achievement as related to working in a business environment.  Individuals that demonstrate the ability to work independently and collaboratively across the spectrum optimizing costs can make a difference to business organizations. Meeting customer demands, new productivity, cost optimization and collaboration levels at a faster rate will enhance organizational performance. When base line costs, norms, attitudes and expectations are clearly defined, trust is enabled with relationships. Employees will become more ‘contactable’ in a high performance environment and should be capable of setting expectations with their customer base.

New Dashboards, Newer Metrics

"Organizational performance would emerge into one of spontaneous discovery process"

The Human School

“Structure and hierarchy influence personal and professional interactions, personal and professional ambitions and aspirations. Hierarchical and divisional relations and interactions influence the nature of performance, attention to achievement and the value placed on achievements; this also applies to functional activities.”

Digital Cultures - Age of the Intellect

All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Tim Wright from Talent Cultures says, "Competition for talent is fierce because talent is a leading factor in a company’s competitive advantage. Recruiting, developing and retaining talent are the tools that build competitive advantage. Talent management starts with recruiting. Stronger recruiting efforts contribute to greater talent acquisition. Employee engagement adds to developing and retaining talent. It demonstrates the company’s appreciation of their value to the company — as it builds their value to the company. What company does not look for every possible way to gain advantage over their competition?"

Case Studies


Oil & Gas Major

Performance Management System to integrate with an HRIS system

Strategic Scaling to Build a Performance Oriented Culture

Identifying Strategic Drivers, Objectives, Measurements, KPIs and Action Plans

Linkage to Reward and Incentive Programs

Cascade Goals and Objectives

Help Organization identify strategic vendors

Real Estate Developer

Client embarking on a Global Transformation Journey

Reorienting a Strategy to articulate a renewed Vision, Mission, Purpose, Ambition Articulation

Aligning Leadership and People to sign up for a new growth agenda

Prepare organization to bring global partners for expansion, joint ventures, technology best practices

Identify and appropriate Talent Management System

Need for a Millennial Search Firm

"I’ve yet to encounter an automated hiring process that doesn’t cut me off long before I get to a human being. But maybe chatbots will be my salvation"

Theodore Kinni in MIT SMR

“The organization focuses on learning environments that involves brings together intellect, knowledge, systemic processes, personal mastery and role models. The climate is conducive and non-threatening to share successes and failures and is not a performance consideration.”


All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Many organizations are currently failing to pay proper attention to their talent- related risks. With this in mind, it is important to embed talent risks such as succession, skills availability, key person dependencies and retirement cliffs firmly into an organization’s enterprise risk management framework. This helps to place these risks on the radar of the right people at the right level. Talent-related decisions must be evaluated for their return on investment – and this intelligence should then be recycled to inform future talent decisions. Most importantly, strategic talent planning should be part of business planning – not a standalone and isolated HR exercise. "Ultimately, the issues of engagement and culture come down
to leadership disrupted. If CEOs and business leaders are not talking with employees, examining the work environment carefully, and holding supervisors responsible for engagement, they will likely and that their organizations suffer" - Bersin

Is there anything more critical?

". “To attract, retain and develop talent are the three key things that the group and our companies need to address"

CEO - Big 4 Firm

“The value of the Human Resources (HR) function elicits sharply contradictory views within organizations. On the one hand, in today’s competitive global markets, the “war for talent” is understood to be crucial to almost every business..”


All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

A Leadership Center is meant to measure the competencies, skills, characteristics of a person to evaluate their capability to carry out a specific role within the organization and against a pre-determined standard..

The ongoing transformation of HR to help build staffing competencies needs to be embraced and captured in the HR strategy through bold innovative ideas that use leading practices from comparable organizations and tailor them to organization’s unique issues and attributes. Leadership centers therefore focus squarely upon behavior and include a set of strategic exercises to capture and simulate the major aspects of the job at the leadership process. 

Psychometric Tools, Tests (Aptitude, Vocational, Careers, Social Inventories, Intelligence, Attitude, Skill Tests, Stretch Tests, Potential Appraisal Techniques, Competencies, Personality, Behavioral Typologies), BARS Tools, Simulations, Assessment – Development Center Materials, Tools such as Case Studies, In Baskets, Role Plays (Dyads, Triads, Groups), Organizational (Intra – Inter) Evaluations, 360 Degree Feedback, Corporate Scan Scoring, Group Discussions, Learning Skills, Leaderless Exercises, Leadership Building Techniques, Problem Solving Methods, Managerial Skill Building Simulations, Supervisory Development Feedback, On Line In Basket, On Line Assessments, On Line Coaching, Policy Templates, Evaluation templates, On Line Competency Mapping, Competency Dictionaries, KPI Dictionaries. Several thousand industry based – competency based – hierarchy / level based simulations customized to industries. Several thousand tools, templates, formats, competency maps, techniques, tests, simulations, group exercises etc are available to draw upon. Tools are validated and customized to global regions/culture specific needs. Further customization is also possible with the help of expert panels.

Rewards Reinforce Commitment to Values

"People do not follow uncommitted leaders."

Stephen Gregg, Chairman and CEO of Ethix Corp

“Action driven by merciless meritocracy and rewards to processes and systems that goes beyond human dependence.”


All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Digital Knowledge Structure Questions - Will there be a structure at all, the radicals would ask. However, the way that structure is defined, there cannot be a state of “no structure”. Organizations cannot be made infinitely flat with innumerable outposts guided by one central “rules based” or computer controlled inquiry system. Absence of a structure is an anarchical structure and any other form will still be definable in some way. Our hypothesis is that the structure of tomorrow will be both similar and different from the structural forms that we are accustomed to seeing today.

Designs Impact Culture

"The role of the CEO in building organization vision and consequently the organization structure that determines the processes that impact the culture in the organization is an inevitable reality at Honda"


“ We’re a small but growing team with hopes of building a truly great culture. We know we’re only at the beginning, but we try to live our values in the way we work and find people who share our ideals. .”


All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Creating a culture that favours innovation will be supported by new technologies. Stakeholders can be defined as any person / group of individuals, internal or external to the organization who will be impacted by the changes, or who could have an impact on the success of the project. A Stakeholder Analysis identifies who the stakeholders are and evaluates their current commitment and what level of commitment is required from them in order for the project to succeed. The results of the analysis provide information to support development and/or implementation of: Stakeholder Management Plan; Communication Assessment and Strategy; Communication Plan; Change Leadership Behaviors Diagnostic; Leadership disrupted Action Plan Framework; People and Organization Issue Log

People Leadership disrupted Versus Managing People

“Feedback is the Killer App"

Josh Bersin - Bersin by Deloitte

“ Is the CEO a humble person? CEOs who focus on their own greatness are often limited by their own imaginations. A humble CEO will hire smart people and focus on helping them succeed..”


Pluralsight - Keith Sparkjoy 

All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Analyst reports are indicating that our appreciation of Business HR has to be greater than Tech Software driven approach to acquiring a talent solution. The disappearance of IT identification of a talent solution is fast on the horizon. Unlike traditional enterprise software’s, HR and talent systems no longer boast of complex IT software’s, but speak more of functions, features and HR value add. Admin control now rests with the employee and human resources. The sales speak today is about human resources transformation not technology change, gadgets, devices or jargons from IT whiz kids.

Case Studies


Workforce Planning - Textile Group

Fast growing textile group in sync with a strategy to determine best in class workforce planning norms to ensure functional staffing are in line with global best practices.

Organizational continuing emphasis to focus in growth, profitability and cost management.

Long Term Workforce Planning Norms and Methods

Staffing Program Plan - Consumer Products

Consumer Marketing and Product Management Company establishing Staffing Norms to help outsource non critical or non value adding jobs to a staffing company. 

Utilization of RPO services 

Enabling a  Cost Optimized Staffing Organization

Dashboards, Analytics and Process Techniques to map productivity and performance norms

KPIs and Metrics to follow through and review

Tech is for Real

"People functions need to embrace technology, and it’s not always their fault that they cannot"

Stacey Harris from Sierra-Cedar

“While this variable labor force represents potential cost-savings, they can just as easily walk out the door, taking valuable skills and knowledge with them. Digital enterprises need to analyze which roles need to be on staff and which roles can be outsourced..”

Stacey Harris from Sierra-Cedar

All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Learning Experience Gap is a reality that talent management solution companies are not focusing sufficiently enough. From realm of change we now move on into building organizational intelligence through learnings from neural networks, behavioral psychology and machine learning. The learning management system (LMS), learning processes, learning styles, learning members and learning tools are fast emerging as key disruptors for organizations as the technology morphs and dominates to serve corporate learning, technology, psychology, agility, content and collaboration needs. Bersin and associates point out that the LMS is now moving past its content storing/accessing/modular access practices/ testing – certification methods - capabilities and moving to: engage staff through reskilling, employment ready, continued education programs, on boarding, socialization, affiliation teams, leadership development and performance success.

Learning Linkages

"Talent Management Solutions can provide a cause and effect linkage to competencies, performance and employee experience."


“When you create a high-performance learning culture in your organization, your learning and development function is much more likely to be seen as a strategic business partner — instead of a cost center.”


All Solutions are customized for effective management of Promoter Managed corporations. 

Making Individual Transitions - Digital Careers - Work role professionals see organizational life no longer as an extension of their real world full time life. Many would like it to be independent of each other, family and work, with adequate quality space available for leading a life of fulfillment. Seeking joy is but one phenomenon that is very real for high performing individuals. It is in this context that flexible working, own time scheduler, self-goal prioritization, including variable bonuses and pay linked to targets achieved and virtual offices become real and inevitable

Careers NOT Jobs

"Careers are not built by bosses but by a staff engaging with a mentor "

Jacob Morgan - Chess Media Group

Advisory Channels - Our Business Regarding People

“Management Structure at Google is structured around the social architecture of the Internet – open, flat, malleable and non-hierarchical. Hierarchical layers were experimented with but they interfered with the innovative spirit of the organization and were done away with..”


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