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Governance Solution 1

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Governance and controls are needed at all levels of an institution. From a Leadership level the Board provides the governance needed to deal with major and key issues, risks, escalations and sign-offs for example service impairment or approval of budgets. A comprehensive Governance Framework facilitates implementation of a robust review mechanism and promotes transparency in decision making. 

Code of Conduct and Ethics must reach far beyond minimum

"Reaching Heights"

Rick Lamanna - PwC Law

Case Studies


Media, Advertising and Communication

Governance mechanisms for Management of Boards, Directors Roles and Responsibilities, Usage of specific committees for active management support, performing supervisory roles to ensure governance standards are met. Articulating vision, values and management principles.

Media, Advertising and Communications

Succession Planning for Governance - Establishment of a formalized method for succession, leadership pipeline, incentives and facets for effective governance.

Governance Solution 2

Formalization of Governance

Performance management at a Leadership level focuses on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage the role of the Board within the corporate environment, as well as the use of other management information necessary to manage the institution itself. An empowered and transparent Corporate Governance Structure formalizes formalization review and monitoring mechanism

Board Needs Both A Process and Function

"Substantive Role"

Ben Vandeputte  - CEO Canada

Governance Solution 3

Governance Structures

The Governance Protocols are compliant with Group standards with clear agreement of where local practices may be leveraged to enhance the effectiveness. Governance activities occur at several levels, including joint review boards, and service review meetings. This structure evolves once transition is completed and steady state is achieved in a transformational context. Management must have the executive freedom to drive the enterprise forward without undue restraints; and this freedom of management should be exercised within a framework of effective accountability. 

Independence Must Be Real

"Beyond Friendships"

S Satish - CFO - L & T Limited

Governance Solution 4

Governance Performance Metrics

Clear articulation of KPIs for use externally to and internally within the institution. There is a clear de-lineation of what constitutes KPIs and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Nature of ownership: whether family or promoter owned, share of small investors, FIs and Large Shareholders Nature of business, i.e. size and number of businesses, number of operating companies, if any, position of Group Corporate, if applicable. 

Governance is not a delicate balance between right and wrong!

Soft skills trump technology knowledge in driving digital transformation. 

"There is just One Right - "

Adhitya Srinivasan - DAA

Governance Solution 5

Risk, Compliance Legal Requirements

Mechanism for resource allocation and workflow management while ensuring service levels. Requirements of Company Act and other legal statutes, Securities Board and Stock Exchange listing norms

The framework needs to be supported by empowering the committees with power to seek, monitor, review, approve and direct operative and strategic actions. 

The discipline of dealing with what is good and bad with moral duty and obligation.

Content, structure and governance can be highly interdependent. Rule of Conscience and More, "

Raphael Amit and Christoph Zott - MIT SMR

An Environment for Governance



Inter - dependence



Self Renewing

Some types of work and decision making can be specified through policies, guidelines and rules that both guide behavior and limit freedom to make decisions and/or act.

A few examples:

Legal rules prescribe everything from lawful behavior to minimum wages

Risk management policies can govern types of investments, concentration limits, etc.

Human resource policies and guidelines guide behavior and narrow freedom to act in areas like compensation, human rights and ethical behavior

Sales and marketing policies can govern what qualifies as a target sales prospect

Procurement guidelines govern criteria for doing business with suppliers

Learning To Live With Values

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

A Way of Life

Premium on performance

Organisation as “One”

Egalitarian styles

Inconspicuous people differentiation

System orientation

Technology management

Customer management

Point of View

Vision: Ownership & Communication

Financial prudence in all actions

Project / Task Force / Deadlines are sacrosanct and must be retained

People are Corporate Resources and should be available for growth and development across the corporation

Value based, apolitical, non cynical management style

Listen with understanding

Review Process is NOT a Ritual

"Form Versus Substance"

Nita Bhambhani - Bank of America

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