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Active Networking

"Active networking is vital to individual and career growth. Though it is often confused with selling, networking is actually about building long-term relationships and a good reputation in your groups over time. It involves getting to meet and know people who can potentially assist you in times of need. Networking with peers across businesses and functions will help the participant gain a wider perspective about the business and will enable him to appreciate other people’s work. Networking with seniors will provide opportunities to gain an insight into their wisdom and experience and will enable an exchange of ideas between the different managerial levels and age groups.

Business of Staffing - A Talent Agenda

Case Studies


Textiles and Garments

Yarn, Textiles, Garments company focusing on value creation, innovation, alignments and optimization. Institutionalize best in class practices, develop internal and external management capabilities and performance orientation.

Strategic Business Balanced Scorecard

Four functional perspectives using principles of a Balanced Scorecard to identify KPIs and Metrics in regard to Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations. Cascading from a CEO

Workforce ROI

Workforce ROI - The development of a workforce ROI model includes the development of a competency framework by which the value of human capital can be measured (i.e. mapping workforce segments to the organization’s value chain. This should be a high-level measurement. This step has strong linkages to Human Capital Performance Analytics (HCPA) and could provide the opportunity to introduce the firms HCPA capabilities.

Case Studies


Telecom Support and Infra

Global Partner Search and Post Merger Integration with an emphasis on organizational design, structure, grades, compensation harmonization.

Resources Firm

Transformation - Organizational emphasis to establish technology enabled systems and processes. Build system related competencies, PMS framework, project charter to enable sustainable change.

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