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Advisory Channels

A Multi Disciplinary Firm specializing in Small and Medium Global Enterprises with a focus on Business Consulting and Transaction Services, including Governance, Shared and Business Process Services Risk and Compliance, Financial, and Promoter Management

Advisory Channels - An Everlasting Smile

Balancing Needs

It is our job to balance your vision, purpose, goals and aspirations with growth, achievements and shareholder value creation. It is our purpose to share our journey with yours as we Partner to Your Progress

Making Organizations Perform

"Dynamic modeling frameworks,  seek to establish links between business drivers , capabilities , intermediate key performance indicators (productivity, customer satisfaction), and, ultimately, financial performance measures such as stock performance or revenue growth"

Jeffrey Schmidt - Towers Perrin

Inbound Outbound

Global Business Strategy

Transaction Services

Partner Search


Venture Management

Global Best Practices

Managing Boards

Compliance and Risk

Directors Role and Responsibility

Leading and Inspiring

Board Performance

Sources of Power

"A critical source of legitimate power can come from being designated as the agent or representative of a powerful person or group. Elected officials a chairperson of a committee and a member of the board of directors of a corporation or management committee

Henry Mintzberg - Power in and Around Organizations

Management of Boards

Structure and Design

Board Managed Organizations 

Succession Planning and Trust

Estate and Wealth Management

Promoter Development

Strategic Business HR

Digital Talent Engagement

Talent Technologies

Performance Dashboards

Leadership Assessments

Competency Building

Flying High With Advisory Channels

Value Based Engagement 

What makes organizations develop a DNA that is not replaceable. What makes business - performance cultures so unique to organizations that staff who change jobs and see new cultures either like it or don't? What makes for some the world to go around and for them to integrate seamlessly while for others there are many jerks and potholes?  The answer lies in adapting an engagement model with you, your team and stakeholders that is inclusive, immersive and incisive. All with a focus on Creation of Value.


Our Team/Associate Company's capabilities together with JV Partners, include AUDIT, TAX, INDIRECT TAX and GST specialization, ADVISORY in Governance,  Risk, Compliance, Recruiting, Psychometric Testing, Talent Management Technologies, Global Education and Careers, Promoter People and Financial Consulting, Logistics and Supply Chain, Strategy and Operations.

Innovate to Impact

"The value of intellect increases markedly as one moves up the intellectual scale from cognitive knowledge to innovation and invention"

Keith Rosen - HBR

What are our Differentiators

Focus! Focus! Our Solutions, Services, People, Process and Technology have all been customized towards Value Realization as a Goal.

Digital Integrations 

This is our vision for you, our client! 

The best of work places do not have rules. Best of people leaders don't operate through rules. Nothing that binds them in a conventional way. They only have a vision; for themselves, for their people and for their companies! They practice that vision, they practice what they can, by believing, trusting, enabling & doing. These are firms in which & where things happen because people act on what they believe is right, act with courage, stand up for they believe in and achieve together out of alignment. It is aligned, when people tell you stories about your company, you, your people, anecdotes from last night’s party, share water cooler tips, of people who can be jibed for their eccentricities, quirks and idiosyncrasies, all for the fun of it & of course, of those who visibly show excitement at any news about your company. 

Specialist Focus for knowing more and more of less and less: We see an emergence of the specialist, with greater gusto than was ever thought possible. Deep functional knowledge acquired through education and lifelong learning would be a hallmark of the knowledge worker. The generalist roles would die a natural death and the coordination roles currently performed by scores of middle managers would be replaced by effective and efficient coordination systems. Designing such systems will be a task performed by functional specialists. We visualize a complete and total elimination of the “bureaucratic managers” where the only role is to create forums to manage individual “political sensitivities”. Such “processes” will be consciously ‘not’ managed, rather will be eliminated.

Governance is a fact

"Organizations are concerned that the quality of the data they use in decision making is consistent. It may be more important to have uniformly consistent data quality across the organization, rather than perfect data from one business unit and poor quality data from another"

Nina Kruschwitz and Rebecca Shockley - MIT

Function - Sector Interfaces

An Organization built with Capabilities that cuts across functions and sectors.

What our customers are saying

"Organizational knowledge creation is defined as the capability of a company as a whole to create new knowledge, disseminate it through the Organization, and embody it in products, services and systems. It is these capabilities developed through intellect, knowledge and learning that forms the core of Intellectual Capital"

Global Oil & Gas


The Client continues to be the focus of our organization and the endeavor of the members will be to create and deliver value to the customer and in so doing create knowledge for the organization. Constant utilization of the knowledge resources for customer delight and organization development will be the other foci.

"Disruptors, Promoters, Founders, Change Masters, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Value Creators, Incubators, Global Dreamers, Partner Seekers, Pyramid Climbers!"

D Arvind - Managing Partner - KENCraft DAA

Case Studies


Logistics and Transport Industry

Governance and Project Advisory Support and building organizational capability to build world class systems, processes, reporting, compliance, risk and people management.

Venture Capital and Funding Agency

Governance, Global Partner Search, Capability Building and enabling the organization to be an effective Board Management firm. 

Learning Through Videos from Advisory Channels

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